There are 3 service options available when you deal with Bostin Coffee.....

1 - Free on loan.

2 - Vending Agreement.

3 - Buy vending equipment outright from us.

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We provide you with all the machines you need – free of charge – no installation fee, no delivery charge, no hidden costs or monthly invoices. Drinks & Snacks are provided and available to you and your staff/customers at a very competitive price; any issues with the machine we come and repair/ service and we fill the machines regularly – all at no charge to you at all.

Vending Agreement


The same as ‘Free-on-Loan’, however, you may want to provide free or discounted refreshments to your staff/ customers. We agree a price – and you get a monthly invoice for the number of drinks consumed – simple!

Buy Vending Equipment Outright from us!

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You may want to purchase vending
equipment outright from us. No problem! We offer a service contract for filling and maintaining the machine – or you may choose to run the machine yourself. Your machine; your choice!

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